“Are you the owner of the punt?”

posted on 06/22/2022 17:25

  (credit: Playback/Facebook - 7BPM/MS)

(credit: Playback/Facebook – 7BPM/MS)

While patrolling the region of Aquidauana, in Mato Grosso do Sul, police officers from the 7th BPM met the musician from Mato Grosso do Sul, Almir Sater, known for the role of Eugênio in the soap opera Pantanal and for interpreting music classics.

The photo of the meeting was published on the PM’s social networks and in the text they say that they found Almir “next to the hut, contemplating the horizon on the ravine of Rio”.

They also mention an alleged conversation that would have taken place between the musician and the police. “The gentleman who owns the boat?”, would have asked one of the MPs and Almir would have replied: “This is my fate, running the waters of this Pantanal from above/below… Taking and bringing people… Dreams.. . Hope… This life is too beautiful to be alone”.

In the text they thank “Eugênio” for taking and bringing people, dreams and hope. “While we at PMMS seek to bring peace and security”, the text ends.

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