Baby kidnapped and taken to Complexo do Alemão is rescued by police in Santíssimo | Rio de Janeiro

One 5 month old baby kidnapped and taken to Fazendinha, in Complexo do Alemão, in the North Zone of Rio, she was rescued on Wednesday night (22) by civil police.

Beatriz Figueira de Assis was taken from her mother by three women on Tuesday night (21). A missing person poster with the child’s photo (look above) was already being released. This Thursday, the perpetrators of the kidnapping were convinced by the police to return the baby to a square in Santíssimo, West Zone.

Initial police information indicates that the three women who took the girl are a mother and two daughters – one of them a minor. The teenager was apprehended and one of the women was arrested.

According to delegate Ellen Souto, head of the Paradeiro Discovery Police Station, a month ago the trio approached Beatriz’s mother at the Regional Education Coordination (CRE) in Triagem offering to deliver groceries to the baby.

“There, they approached the victim. Yesterday [terça-feira]they kept in touch asking for the meeting to be held, for them to deliver the donations”, explained the delegate.

However, the trio would have drugged Beatriz’s mother and forced her to get in with the baby in an app car. Along the way, the kidnappers managed to get rid of the mother.

This Wednesday, the civil police managed to monitor the kidnappers and rescued the baby.

At first, one of the detainees said that the kidnapping would have taken place so that the child could serve as a pretext for another kidnapper to resume her marriage with her ex-husband.

She would claim that Beatriz would be the couple’s daughter, who would have been born during the separation.

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