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Francisco (Shimon Nahmias) is decided to intern Leopold (Michel Bols) so that it stops being “inverted” 🤦🏻‍♂️. But who has friends, has everything, right? And not chapter this Thursday, 23/06from “Beyond Illusion”, the writer will receive help from Arminda (Caroline Dallarosa), Isadora (Larissa Manoela), Davi (Rafael Vitti), Inácio (Ricky Tavares), Margô (Marisa Orth), Julinha (Alexandra Richter) and, of course, your love, Plinio (Nikolas Antunes). ❤️

After arguing with his father on the radio, Leopoldo goes to feign resignation and goes down with him to be hospitalized. But, in fact, the car that awaits him will have David behind the wheel. 👏🏼

“Calm down, Dad. Your will will be done, even if it is a cowardice. Hope to see you soon…”, says the writer.

Francisco and Leopoldo argue in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

Once inside the car, with everyone crammed together, Leopoldo will only be grateful for the help of his friends.

“Thank you, dear ones. Friends at these times are such a precious asset! We wouldn’t have made it without you.”

Arminda will then return the ring that belonged to Leopoldo’s mother to help him rebuild his life with Plínio away from Campos.

“You are the best friend someone like me can have. Modern, free, generous, a woman beyond her time. Thank you for being in my life.”

Leopoldo and Plínio say goodbye to their friends before embarking on ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

But where did the real clinic car end up? At the hotel, where Mariana (Carol Romano) will be in disguise. That’s right! Mariana will also participate in the escape plan.

Afterwards, Leopoldo and Plínio will board the train under the eyes of their friends. Will they finally achieve happiness far from prejudice? Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera.

23 June


Leopoldo loses Francisco and manages to escape with the help of friends. Leticia confesses to Lorenzo that she is confused by her feelings and asks for a break. Danilo Dantas reveals to Eugênio that he never had an affair with Dirce and that he fell for a coup by Úrsula. Bento manages to move his legs and believes he will be able to return to Brazil. Cipriano sets up a scandal at the casino and removes Emília from the place. Matias questions Violeta’s absence, who traveled with Eugênio. Heloísa feels sick. Olivia reveals to Leonidas that she was adopted. Sueli and Joaquim set up against Rafael in the presence of Isadora.

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See the scenes in which Francisco discovers the relationship between Leopoldo and Plínio:

Francisco discovers romance between Plínio and Leopoldo

Francisco discovers romance between Plínio and Leopoldo

Francis suggests that Leopoldo go to a clinic

Francis suggests that Leopoldo go to a clinic

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