Beyond the Illusion: Isadora will give in and marry Joaquim to save her reputation: “I’m lost”


Matias’ daughter will seek to erase the past to prevent it from continuing to be talked about in the city.

Isadora will marry Joaquim
© Photos 1 and 2: Reproduction/GlobeIsadora will marry Joaquim

In the next chapters of the novel Beyond the Illusionfrom TV Globo, Isadora (Larissa Manoela) will marry Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) after suffering from his tarnished reputation. Badly spoken in the city, the daughter of Matias (Antonio Calloni) will seek to erase the past when it was spread that she had sex with Rafael (Rafael Vitti) before their marriage.

According to columnist André Romano, from the website TV observatoryIsadora will admit that she is “without direction” and needs the companionship of Joaquim. “I’m lost. I need your protection”, says the dressmaker receiving affection from the boy. “So no more sadness. From now on your life will be all joy. Let’s get married as soon as possible and this city will never speak ill of you again, Dorinha”begins the son of Úrsula (Bárbara Paz).

“I’m going to the registry office to find out about the banns. I didn’t get to ask for the cancellation the other time. So I believe they’ve already left. I’ll be right back”, says Joaquim, deceiving Dorinha. Previously, he had already set up the plan that separated Isadora and Rafael in the middle of the altar.making the girl lose credibility in society.

After the wedding ceremony, Isadora will seek to show excitement about the new moment, finally married. “Today is the beginning of a new life, my love. The life I’ve always dreamed of for both of us. You don’t know how much I’ve waited for this moment!”, Violeta’s daughter (Malu Galli) will say in a romantic tone, who will be confused. when remembering Rafael being with Joaquim.

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