Big snow enchants and brings problems in Argentina

Big snow brings up to half a meter of snow this week in the Argentine province of Neuquén, causing inconvenience to the population and stunning landscapes for tourists | NEUQUÉN MINISTRY OF TOURISM/DISCLOSURE

A heavy snowfall delights tourists and causes inconvenience to residents of southern provinces of Argentina. Snow has been falling since the beginning of the week in the region of Neuquén and Rio Negro with large accumulations and the phenomenon should persist between today and tomorrow with heavier snowfalls and the possibility of more disturbances. There are roads with traffic problems due to the heavy accumulation of snow that can exceed half a meter in places, according to the National Meteorological Service of Argentina.

According to the authorities of Neuquén, the trend is for a worsening of the scenario with more snow between today and tomorrow with accumulations of up to 20 cm to 30 cm in some locations in the south of Mendoza and in the north of Neuquén. “In the north of the province it will be complicated because there have already been traffic accidents and we have icy roads”, reported an agent of the provincial government of Neuquén. Yesterday, car overturned with the ice and there was a vehicle rollover.

The Provincial Directorate of Roads of Neuquén informs that Ruta 242, from Loma de los Vientos to the border with Chile, is passable with caution through sections with ice on the road. There are still landslides, complicating traffic. The road police recommend the use of chains for those traveling on mountain roads due to the large amount of snow.

In the city of Zapala, due to the large amount of snow, classes were suspended, both in urban and rural areas. The director general of the Civil Defense of Zapala, Roberto Moreno, explained that a vehicle carrying students from a rural school was stuck in the snow for a few hours. Another, then, who went to rescue the students, also ended up trapped in the snow that covered the area.

The National Weather Service (SMN) reported that the yellow alert for snowfall in Neuquén extends until this Thursday. The SMN notice is also valid for the province of Río Negro. In the case of Neuquén, the yellow alert applies to the Cordillera de Huiliches, Cordillera de Lácar and southern Aluminé. The Meteorology agency warned that the yellow level is for snow with a capacity for damage and risk of momentary interruption of daily activities.

“The area will be affected by persistent snowfall of varying intensity. The accumulated snow can reach between 15 and 25 cm in height, not ruling out locally higher values. The largest accumulations are expected in the higher areas. In low-lying areas, precipitation will be in the form of rain and snow”, highlighted the SMN.

If, on the one hand, the snow causes problems and inconvenience, the flakes and the white landscapes with the snow make the many tourists who come to Neuquén’s winter resorts happy at this time of year. The snow falling in abundance and for days in a row provided beautiful landscapes for tourists to click and take selfies.




Heavy snowfalls are a consequence of the interaction between two weather conditions. One, there is a large mass of cold air of strong polar origin acting in central and southern Argentina. Two, an extratropical cyclone acts off the coast of Chile. The cyclone brings moisture that, when encountering the icy air, causes heavy snowfall in the provinces of Neuquén and Rio Negro.

Today, the cold was very intense in Argentina at the beginning of the day. The minimums, according to data from the National Weather Service (SMN), were -12.6ºC in Maquinchao, -11.0ºC in Calafate, -10.5ºC in Perito Moreno, -10.1ºC in Trelew, -10.0ºC in Madryn, -9.7ºC in Esquel, -7.5ºC in Gobernador Gregores and -6.5ºC in Bolson.

In Central Argentina, the thermometers also indicated low marks earlier today. In the Greater Buenos Aires area, Ezeiza recorded a negative temperature with -0.3ºC. In the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, the dawn was freezing with -5.6ºC in Benito Juarez, -4.5ºC in Azul, -4.3ºC in Tandil, -3.9ºC in Dolores and -2.6ºC in Tres Arroyos.

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