Bruno fired 5 times after being hit by the 1st shot, says PF

The superintendent of the PF (Federal Police) of Amazonas, Eduardo Fontes, gave details about the death of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenist Bruno Pereira. In an interview with Radio Gaucho on Tuesday (21.jun.2022), Fontes said that the indigenist shot 5 times after being hit by the 1st shot.

“Bruno also had a pistol, the victim had weapons. She got to shoot, according to them [suspeitos]5 times towards them after he [Bruno] take the 1st shot”said.

Upon taking the 2nd shot, the boat carrying Bruno and Dom would have lost control and his pistol fell into the river. According to the head of the Federal Police in the state, the weapon was not found.

“When [Bruno] takes the 2nd shot, the vessel is lost. He advances in the ravine with great force and at that moment, probably, the weapon went into the river, because it was not found”said the superintendent.

The superintendent also says that the target of the crime would be Bruno, who monitored illegal fishing in the region intensively and had already been threatened on other occasions.

“The journalist, it seems, was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong person. The issue was Bruno, who was their big problem there, who made it difficult in terms of illegal fishing”said.

Fontes reports that the information was taken from the suspects’ statements to the PF. So far 8 people who participated in the crime have already been identified. Of that number, 3 were arrested for double homicide and 5 confessed to having helped to hide the corpses.

The motivation of crime is still unknown. The PF says there is no evidence of involvement of a criminal organization in the crime, but does not rule out that there may be new suspects.


The PF reported on Saturday (June 18, 2022) that, according to the expertise, the journalist and the indigenist were killed with shots in the chest with typical hunting ammunition.

The corporation stated that the cause of death of both was a “thoracoabdominal trauma” by gunshots. The region where they were killed, Vale do Javari, in the state of Amazonas, is known for the presence of illegal hunting and fishing.

According to the medical-legal examination carried out by the Federal Police, Phillips was hit by a bullet in the chest, while Bruno was hit by two bullets in the same region and another in the head.

The 2 had been missing in the Amazon since June 5th.

Funai (National Indian Foundation) employees have informed that they will go on strike next Thursday (June 23), at 10 am, in all units of the foundation in the States and the Federal District.

According to the INA (Indigenistas Associados) – an association that represents Funai workers – the strike aims to hold those responsible for the death of the duo to account and the “immediate removal” of the foundation’s president, Marcelo Xavier.


On Wednesday (June 15th), Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, known as “Naked”, one of the suspects in the disappearance, confessed to having helped to hide the bodies of the journalist and the indigenist, after they were murdered. He had his temporary arrest decreed by the Justice on June 10. He had been caught red-handed 3 days earlier.

Amarildo’s brother, Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, known as “Dos Santos”, had his temporary arrest decreed on June 15. He had been arrested the day before.

On Saturday (June 18), the Federal Police arrested Jefferson da Silva Lima, known as “Pelado da Dinha”. He is the 3rd suspect to participate in the murder of the duo.

The suspect surrendered to the police station in Atalaia do Norte (AM). He was questioned by the Civil Police and had his temporary arrest decreed by the Justice on Saturday afternoon (June 18), after undergoing a custody hearing. According to the police, he will answer for double murder.

The PF had already confirmed on Friday (June 17) that part of the remains found in a region pointed out by one of the suspects belonged to the British journalist. On Saturday (June 18), he confirmed the identity of the indigenist’s body.

On Friday (June 17), the police said there was no evidence of a mastermind or the involvement of criminal organizations in the deaths of Dom and Bruno. Investigations point to the possible participation of more people in the murder.

Univaja released a note saying it did not agree with the PF’s conclusion that there was no mastermind.

According to the entity, documents with details of the criminal organization that would operate in the region were sent to the Public Ministry, the Federal Police and Funai. Dom and Bruno would have come into the crosshairs of criminals by receiving anonymous notes with death threats.

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