Bruno Pereira would have shot 5 times after being shot in the Amazon

The superintendent of the Federal Police in Amazonas, Eduardo Fontes, said, in an interview with Rádio Gaúcha this Tuesday (21/6), that investigations into the deaths of Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips indicate that the Brazilian indigenist reached fire five shots after being shot for the first time. Both disappeared on June 5 and, 11 days later, the bodies were found in the Vale do Javari region.

The information is contained in testimonies of the suspects of the crime collected by the PF. According to the superintendent, the weapon that Bruno would have used was lost in the river. After being shot for the second time, the indigenist would have lost control of the speedboat they were on, and Bruno’s pistol would have fallen into the water and was not found. He had a gun.


Dom and Bruno were killed by hunting weapons, according to the forensics. These weapons would also have been discarded in the river. Three suspects in the crime are arrested: Amarildo Oliveira, who admitted to being the author of the shooting; Jefferson da Silva Lima, also a self-confessed murderer; and Oseney Oliveira, Amarildo’s brother, who denies involvement in the murders.

Another five names have been identified and are accused of helping to hide the bodies.

Bruno received two shots in the abdomen and one in the head. Dom was also shot in the chest. The bodies are expected to be released later this week.

Here is the chronology of the events since the disappearance of the duo:

  • June 5 (Sunday): Dom and Bruno traveled together so the journalist could conduct interviews for a book he was writing about preserving the Amazon. They were last seen in the riverside community of São Rafael, in the morning, and left towards the municipality of Atalaia do Norte. The journey along the Itaquaí River would take about two hours. On the same day, the indigenous surveillance teams of the Union of Indigenous Peoples of the Javari Valley (Univaja) carried out the first searches, without results.
  • June 6 (Monday): Univaja issues an official statement reporting the disappearance. The operation begins to be assembled with teams from the Navy, Federal Police, Federal Public Ministry and Army.
  • June 8 (Wednesday): The task force arrests the first suspect of involvement in the crime, the “Pelado”.
  • June 12 (Sunday): A week after the disappearance, backpacks with the victims’ personal belongings were found. The police had also found traces of blood on Pelado’s boat.
  • June 14 (Tuesday): Oseney da Costa de Oliveira, known as “Dos Santos” and Amarildo’s brother, is the second arrested on suspicion of also being involved in the disappearance.
  • June 15 (Wednesday): After reconstructing the case with Amarildo, the task force announced that it had found “human remains” that would later be confirmed as the bodies of Dom and Bruno.
  • June 16 (Thursday): bodies arrive in Brasília for expertise and identity confirmation.
  • June 18 (Saturday): Police arrest third suspect, Jeferson da Silva Lima, known as Pelado da Dinha. PF states that “the executioners acted alone, with no mastermind or criminal organization behind the crime”.
  • June 19 (Sunday): Police say they have identified five other suspects who would have been involved in hiding the bodies.

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