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Canasta cheese recognized as the best in the world, according to an audience on the website TasteAtlas (photo: Disclosure Emater-MG)

The website TasteAtlasspecializing in ingredients and recipes from around the world, named the traditional Canastra cheese from Minas Gerais as the best on the planet.

The list with the 50 best cheeses, according to the website’s audience, was released last Monday (20/6).

The cheese, which takes its name from Serra da Canastra, in the Southeast of Minas Gerais, was better evaluated than famous cheeses such as money padano, pecorino and gorgonzola.

The Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of the State of Minas Gerais (Emater-MG), linked to the State Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Seapa), which provides services to artisanal cheese producers from Minas Gerais, welcomed the performance of the product.

Representative of the Canastra Cheese Producers Association (Aprocam), Higor Douglas de Freitas, said he was very happy with the achievement and that this is recognition of the producers’ work in delivering a quality product and explained that “TasteAtlas is like a travel guide similar to our Quatro Rodas Guide”.

Minas Artesanal Cheese produced from raw cow’s milk, milked on the same property where the cheese dairy is located.

The delicacy, in addition to its special flavor, stands out for being one of the most typical representatives of Minas Gerais history, with its method of preparation being passed down between generations.

The artisanal method of manufacture was registered as a Brazilian intangible cultural heritage by the Instituto do Patrimnio Histrico e Artestico Nacional (Iphan).

The podium was completed with Kalathaki Limnou and Graviera Naxou cheeses from Greece.

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