CBF releases Inter x Botafogo VAR audio: ‘If it passes, it would be a goal’

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) released, this afternoon (22), the VAR audio of the game between Internacional and Botafogo, last Sunday, for the Brazilian Championship. In the match, referee Sávio Pereira Sampaio scored a penalty in favor of Colorado and expelled white-and-white defender Philipe Sampaio in the first few minutes, in a move that generated great repercussion and controversy.

In the play, Alan Patrick receives in the area, turns and hits. The ball hits the Glorioso player’s chest and slides into his arm, before being pushed away by Sampaio himself.

The VAR then recommends checking the bid. In the dialogue between the field referee and the VAR booth, there is an understanding that the deflection in the arm would have deprived Inter of the goal. For “preventing a clear goal opportunity”, Sávio decides to present the red card to Botafogo’s shirt 94.

“Is it over there [bola] hits the chest, only with the player’s open arm, and there’s no one behind,” the assistant in the VAR booth told the referee.

“Does she have a drastic change of direction or would she pass?”, asks Sávio.

“If she continues, after the breast, she goes to the finish line… [Velocidade] Normal now. If she passes, it would be a goal, correct? 94 [número do Philipe Sampaio], right? I will come back with a penalty kick and sending-off for preventing a clear scoring opportunity”, says the referee, shortly afterwards.

Due to a complaint after the penalty was awarded and expulsion, coach Luís Castro was also expelled. Alvinegro won the match 3-2, after Inter opened 2-0 on the scoreboard, and the game ended with widespread confusion on the field and expulsions for both sides.

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