CBF will show VAR offside formation on TV; Seneme vents – 06/22/2022

The chairman of the arbitration commission, Wilson Seneme, announced an action plan for the sector, after presenting the new members of the group that will work alongside him at CBF. With the category under pressure, some measures will be immediate, such as the availability of images on the TV broadcast of the process of forming the VAR offside line. Video referees will also go through a warm-up process before matches.

In Seneme’s view, following the progress as a whole is more productive and interesting than just sending a photo of the lines already measured — blue and red, which generate, in adjusted bids, doubts and questions about their base. According to him, the measure will take effect from the weekend.

“We understand that when people who follow the broadcast see the construction of the line, they will understand the end of it. It was watching the Premier League games that I saw this. It makes life a lot easier for those who are watching. From the next round , will be available for the official broadcast,” explained Seneme.

There is a clear and defined focus on setting up the arbitration committee structure. Recent bugs bother and Seneme does not deny the need for performance improvement. Pericles Bassols was even hired to be the technical manager of VAR. Part of the new procedure involves working with simulators and warming up before the games.

“How can we not admit that we don’t have to improve VAR? I’ve had a lot of contact with the clubs and this has enriched me a lot. I have to be the link between the referee and the club. yes. One of the issues is the check that has no potential and the game does not restart. This takes the player out of the focus of the game. He starts to focus on the referee, when it is not necessary. This puzzle is not well assembled. If it has potential, everyone will understand,” said the chairman of the arbitration commission.

Seneme also explained that the publication of VAR audios and videos after the Brasileirão matches was not at the desired pace, because of the lack of staff. But he assured that this transparency work will be improved. Even the details of the most controversial match of the weekend, Internacional x Botafogo, should be aired later today (22).

In an explanation about what he wants for the monitoring of the referees, as a whole, including VAR, Seneme made a kind of outburst about the more direct charges because of errors. In his view, it is necessary to balance because of the short time he has at the head of the CBF commission.

“Now we define the VAR manager, who is the technical manager, who will be developing technical work with VAR, something that until now did not exist. It is not critical to past management, it is diagnostic. and that football doesn’t stop. We arrived here on Friday and on Saturday the Serie A Brasileirão started. This is the reality. I can’t compare my two-month job with a 17-year job. It’s unfair to me. When it’s fair to me, it’s all mine. I’m responsible for it. But there’s a lot of the past in those situations. That’s evident,” he said.

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