Central do Apito: PC de Oliveira disagrees with the expulsion of Zanocelo in Corinthians vs Santos | Brazil’s Cup

Paulo Cesar de Oliveira, a commentator for Central do Apito, disagreed with referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique’s decision to expel Vinicius Zanocelo, from Santos, in the second half against Corinthians, for going into the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. For him, the bid was only for a yellow card.

At 15 minutes of the final stage, Vinicius Zanocelo hit Gustavo Mantuan, from Corinthians, in the face. The foul has been marked. But, after being called by VAR, Marcelo de Lima Henrique evaluated the bid and decided to expel the player from Santos.

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Zanocelo in dispute with Piton in the classic Corinthians x Santos – Photo: Reproduction

– Zanocelo has a bump with Piton, hits the face. For me, it’s an avoidance move. Then he has the arm action, but for me it’s not aggression. I would not expel. It’s kind of a protective move, but I don’t see it as an elbow or an assault. I would only show yellow and I don’t think it’s a move for VAR to interfere – commented PC.

– On the playing field, game reading. When there is aggression, an elbow strike, there is a strong reaction from the teammates of the athlete who was possibly attacked. The video referee fails to read the game. It is a decision to be made in the field. VAR in Brazil is very interventionist,” he added.

At 14 min of the 2nd half - VAR review of Vinícius Zanocelo do Santos against Corinthians

At 14 min of the 2nd half – VAR review of Vinícius Zanocelo do Santos against Corinthians

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