Chamber formalizes loss of mandate of councilor Renato Freitas

With 25 votes in favor and five against, in addition to two abstentions, the Curitiba City Council confirmed, in the second round, this Wednesday, the removal of the mandate of councilor Renato Freitas (PT). With the vote, the process of losing Freitas’s mandate is concluded within the Municipal Legislature, impeached for breach of parliamentary decorum for having interfered with the holding of religious worship and for having held a political demonstration inside the Church of the Rosário on February 5th. in protest against racism. In the 2020 election, Freitas was elected with 5,097 votes.

The votes on the draft resolution of the Ethics Council recommending the loss of Freitas’ mandate took place in special sessions this Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, after the judge Patricia Bergonse, of the 5th Court of Public Finance of Curitiba, revoked, last Monday (20), its own preliminary decision that prevented the holding of the session initially scheduled for May 19. Bergonse conditioned the holding of the plenary session to the conclusion of the Inquiry conducted by the Internal Affairs of the Chamber on racist email sent to Freitas with the councilor’s email address Sydney Toaldo (Patriot), rapporteur of the ethical process against PT, appearing as sender. With the conclusion of the investigation, indicating that the email was not sent by Toaldo or anyone in his office, being the result of a fraud, on a server in the Czech Republic that allows tampering with the sender, the judge authorized the vote.

As soon as he became aware of the judicial decision, the President of the Chamber, Tico Kuzma (Pros), scheduled the extraordinary session. Freitas’ defense alleges that legal deadlines were not met, arguing that she had not even been notified of the reversal of the injunction and that her client was also not notified 24 hours in advance about the appointment of the session. Once again, neither Freitas nor any legal representative participated in Wednesday’s session. Freitas’ defense says he is going to court to ask for the cancellation of the sessions on account of disobedience to the legal deadlines.

The score of the vote was practically identical to that of the Tuesday session, when the first round of cassation was voted. The exceptions were the absences of councilors Dalton Borba (PDT) and Maria Leticia (PV), who, on Tuesday, voted, virtually, to close the case.

Freitas’ defense alleges that she had not even been notified of the reversal of the injunction that prevented the cassation voting session from taking place when she was surprised by the news of the appointment of this Tuesday’s session. The lawyer maintains that the Chamber’s Internal Regulations provide for extraordinary sessions to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance, a deadline that would not have been respected, since the injunction fell on Monday (20). To vote on the impeachment of Freitas this Tuesday, however, mayor Tico Kuzma did not call an extraordinary session, but a “special trial session”. Such nomenclature, however, is not included in the Organic Law of the Municipality, which establishes that “the sessions of the Municipal Council will be ordinary, extraordinary, solemn, preparatory and installation, in the form regulated in the Internal Regulations”.

“It is clear that, by convening the session with less than two working days of deadline, by subpoenaing us with less than 24 hours, by not respecting any of the regimental deadlines, the president of the Chamber violated dozens of legal provisions. And we will file a writ of mandamus asking for the recognition of this illegality”, said the lawyer. Guilherme Gonçalves. “If we had attended, given this scenario of illegality, we would have validated the illegality practiced by the president of the Chamber. In addition, there was not enough time to, at least, prepare the defense, as we learned of the reversal of the injunction by the news that began to be broadcast, so we did not participate so as not to give an air of legality to this spectacle of massacre against Renato Freitas” , he concluded.

PT’s alternate should assume

Now, the draft resolution will be promulgated by the Board of Directors of the Chamber and published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality. After that, the Chamber will declare the position then occupied by Renato Freitas vacant, opening the period of five working days for the call of the alternate and, subsequently, five days for the inauguration. The alternate’s call will follow the official list of the Electoral Justice for the Workers’ Party. The student Ana Julia Pires Ribeiro, who will turn 22 on the 30th, is the PT’s first substitute. In the 2020 elections, she received 4,538 votes. Ana Julia became known in 2016, when she gave a speech in the tribune of the Legislative Assembly about the movement of students who occupied state colleges.

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