Ciro Nogueira uses Petrobras’ CPI to pressure Paulo Guedes for MP from State-owned companies

Ciro Nogueira uses Petrobras' CPI to pressure Paulo Guedes for MP from State-owned companies

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The Chief Minister of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira, guided the majority of the PP bench in the Chamber not to endorse the CPI request on fuel prices until the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, give approval for the enactment of a Provisional Measure to amend the State-Owned Companies Law.

The measure is also defended by the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). According to Lira, the change in the State-Owned Companies Law is important to guarantee “greater synergy” between public companies and the federal government. In practice, the PP of Ciro Nogueira and Lira wants to have greater influence in the appointment of positions for the boards of directors of state-owned companies.

According to PP parliamentarians heard by the antagonist, the party does not want to assume the attrition of a parliamentary commission of inquiry before the Minister of Economy doesr “a sacrifice” to give approval for the Provisional Measure on state-owned companies or for other projects that can help to contain the value of the price of fuel, such as the granting of fuel aid or the expansion of the Gas Valley.

“Guedes has been very resistant to any initiative that impacts the accounts. But we are in a war situation, he [Paulo Guedes] need to understand this”admitted a member of the government base to this site. “The Chamber cannot assume the burden of a CPI alone, without a signal from Paulo Guedes”.

As we showed earlier, few PP parliamentarians endorsed the CPI’s request and the party, at this point, he recommended that his deputies not sign the request made by the leader of the PL in the House, Altineu Cortês. Today, the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry has approximately 150 signatures.

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