Council recommends Guedes ‘caution in language’ in pronouncements

After representation made by Fonacate (Permanent National Forum for Typical State Careers), today’s decision by the CEP (Public Ethics Commission) recommends that Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, have “greater caution in language”. However, the representation was filed for “non-occurrence of the practice of ethical illicit”.

According to Fonacate, Guedes received complaints from the Forum and affiliated entities in two instances, one in 2020 and the other in 2021. In the first, the minister would have been aggressive towards public servants, stating that they are authoritarian, “militants of previous governments ” and “parasites”.

Guedes would also have uttered untruths, stating that “no server suffers any loss” with the Administrative Reform. In addition, according to an official statement from Fonacate, the organization denounced the minister for violating codes of conduct and practice, in a “conflict of interest for maintaining a millionaire offshore company in a “tax haven”.

In the same text, the president of Fonacate and Fenaud (National Federation of Auditors of Public Internal Control), Rudinei Marques, accused Guedes of “verbal aggression” and stated that the minister should focus on the economy.

“Instead of these verbal attacks on civil servants, Paulo Guedes should be more concerned with the national economy: inflation has returned strongly, the price of gasoline has skyrocketed, there are 33 million Brazilians starving and, in this disastrous situation, the economy remains stagnant” , opined Marques.

Even when filing the representation, the CEP understood “the need to recommend to the authority greater caution, in order to use cordial language in meetings and/or public pronouncements, even if of a restricted nature, especially when the adjectives used are capable of generating doubt about the interlocutor’s intention or when the subject being dealt with may cause unnecessary exposure”.

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