Couples need tuning to complete the water circuit in this Wednesday’s race (22) – Power Couple Brasil 6

This Wednesday (22), the participants of the Power Couple Brazil 6 face a different Couples Trial outside the Power Mansion! The couple must split between navigator and advisor to travel a water circuit in a canoe as quickly as possible.

A detail to make the challenge even more difficult: the navigator, who can be the wife or the husband, is blindfolded and must steer the canoe according to the instructions of his partner. There is harmony and communication between the couple! The test is decisive to define what this week’s DR will be like!

During the course, the advisor must collect the symbols of the Power Couple that are floating in the circuit path. As soon as the couple crosses the finish line with all the objects, they must pull the flag for the timer to stop.

The test is ranked by time. The best time becomes Casal Power and wins R$ 20 thousand in the joint account. The couple in last place goes straight to the DR and loses the same amount.

But the night does not end there. Adriane Galisteu commands another live DR lineup that promises to be filled with bullshit and confusion!

Power Couple Brazilaired from Monday to Saturday at 10:45 pm, is presented by Adriane Galisteu, produced by Teleimage, with general direction by Fernando Viudez and direction of the reality group by Rodrigo Carelli.

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