Denounced in the case of the crack is elected to the TCE-RJ – 06/22/2022 – Poder

Denounced in the case of the “cracks”, the state deputy Márcio Pacheco (PSC) was elected this Wednesday (22) counselor of the Court of Auditors of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The choice of Pacheco had the articulation of Governor Cláudio Castro (PL), of whom he was head for 12 years. He was elected by the Legislative Assembly with 47 out of 71 possible votes.

The deputy is the first politician to occupy a seat in the TCE-RJ after the removal of five counselors from the court on charges of corruption in 2017. The court currently works with auditors as substitute counselors.

Pacheco was the first to be denounced by the State Public Ministry in the case of the “cracks”. He denies the charges. The Court of Justice has not yet analyzed whether or not he receives the complaint.

The investigation originated in the same report by Coaf (federal agency) that identified the atypical financial transactions of Fabrício Queiroz, a former adviser to now senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ).

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the PSC deputy embezzled R$ 1 million from public coffers between 2016 and 2019. The scheme consisted, according to the MP-RJ, of collecting part of the salary of some cabinet employees to pay personal expenses of congressperson.

The financial operator, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, was André Santolia. He took over as Pacheco’s chief of staff from July 2016, replacing Cláudio Castro.

The governor has worked with Pacheco since 2005, when the deputy was elected to his first term as councilor. Castro’s relatives also held cabinet positions. The two were together until 2016, when Castro was elected councilor.

The governor and his relatives were not investigated, nor named in the Coaf report.

The choice of Pacheco may have repercussions on the articulation of Castro’s re-election. The governor acted so that Pacheco surpassed deputy Rosenverg Reis (MDB), brother of the former mayor of Duque de Caxias Washington Reis (MDB), quoted for vice on the ticket.

Under the governor’s articulation, other candidates withdrew their names from the dispute in favor of Pacheco.

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