Diesel price already exceeds that of gasoline in Greater Vitória

The price of a liter of diesel is already higher than that of regular gasoline at some stations in Greater Vitória. The value of diesel reached R$7.80 in Campo Grande, Cariacica, while gasoline reached R$7.49. In Cachoeiro, in the south of the state, the liter of gasoline yesterday cost up to R$ 7.79.

the report of The Tribune walked yesterday afternoon through some stations in Greater Vitória and found, in Praia da Costa, Vila Velha, the price of a liter of diesel exceeding that of gasoline by R$ 0.20, and at a station in the Horto neighborhood, in Vitória, the R$0.14 higher than gasoline, which has higher prices in Vila Velha and Cariacica.

According to data provided by the State Department of Finance (Sefaz-ES), the average value of a liter of diesel is R$ 7.52, and a liter of gasoline, R$ 7.63.

Ronald Nogueira said that he spends R$30 a day on gasoline to make his deliveries: “It becomes unfeasible”

Ronald Nogueira said that he spends R$30 a day on gasoline to make his deliveries: “It becomes unfeasible”

| Photo: Douglas Schneider/AT

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachsida, after the resignation of the president of Petrobras, José Mauro Coelho, said that the federal government cannot interfere in fuel prices.

“It is not possible to interfere in the price of fuel, it is not in the control of the government. Price is the company’s decision and not the government’s. We have legal frameworks that prevent government interference, even as a majority shareholder,” said Sachsida.

Last Friday, Petrobras announced a new adjustment in the prices of diesel and gasoline at refineries. The next day, higher prices reached the pumps of some gas stations and have caused dissatisfaction among drivers, especially those who use the vehicle for work.

For those who supply with gasoline, the values ​​scare each readjustment. The motoboy Ronald Nogueira, 31, who works with various deliveries, says he spends around R$30 a day on gasoline. “It is very bad. It becomes increasingly unfeasible for us workers”, he complains.

App driver Paulo Vinícius Lopes, 27, who has been working in the job for about three years, says that it is getting more and more complicated to fill up the vehicle for work.

“We need to work, but it’s getting harder and harder. Some friends use vehicular gas, but they also don’t have compensated”, she highlights.

At a gas station in Vila Velha, a gas station attendant, who did not want to be identified, said that the movement in the place had suffered a drop since the announcement of the readjustment.

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Decided to create aid of R$ 400 for truck drivers

President Jair Bolsonaro, along with leaders of the National Congress, plans to create a monthly allowance of R$400 for self-employed truck drivers, according to members of Parliament and the Executive.

The measure, along with the readjustment of the gas voucher, would be included in the Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) under discussion in the Senate, which aims to try to reduce the price of fuels, without bumping into the electoral law, which prevents the creation and expansion of of social programs in an election year.

The discussions are part of the open front in Congress, led by the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), in response to the readjustment in gasoline and diesel prices announced last week by Petrobras.

Natali said there is no chance of a truck drivers strike in the state

Natali said there is no chance of a truck drivers strike in the state

| Photo: Thiago Coutinho — 06/11/2017

The government has been discussing since the beginning of the year creating a voucher for truck drivers, but the idea did not go ahead due to the electoral law. The reading, however, is that a PEC, by changing the Constitution, overrides this legislation.

In the midst of this, some independent fronts speak of a national truck drivers strike. In the State, however, there is no such indication, according to the superintendent of the Union of Cargo Transport and Logistics Companies in the State (Transcares), Mário Natali.

“There is no such possibility in the state. But we are sad, as the impact will be large throughout the logistics chain. Our forecast is to increase freight by around 5.19%. Cargo transport will have to pass on the readjustment of diesel and also of vehicle parts”, he said.

Pacheco talks about reversing excess profit

Petrobras’ net profits remain on the radar in the National Congress. In a press conference yesterday, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), spoke about the possibility of “returning” to the population the “excess profits” obtained by the company.

According to Pacheco, the surplus of dividends paid to the Union by Petrobras can stabilize fuel prices. “It seems more logical to me (allocate dividends) through specificities for truck drivers, taxi drivers, cooking gas, beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil. So it seems very logical to me to revert these surpluses to a fuel stabilization account,” he said.

Pacheco’s defense is the approval, by the Chamber, of the Bill (PL) 1.472/2021.

Among other points, the PL creates a financial fund to stabilize the prices of petroleum products (diesel, gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas).

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