Diesel price exceeds gasoline in parts of Brazil; see photos | Economy

Diesel outperforms gasoline in parts of the country
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Diesel outperforms gasoline in parts of the country

In different cities of the country, the price of a liter of diesel oil already exceeds that of gasoline and ethanol, which has led internet users to express their indignation on social media. One of the most used channels is Twitter.

On average, the price of a liter of gasoline at gas stations in the country reached R$ 8,990 last week, while that of diesel reached R$ 8,630, according to data from the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) released this week. Tuesday (21).

Internet user Ramon Cujui, a resident of Porto Velho, for example, highlighted the prices paid by drivers in the capital of Rondônia: “Diesel more expensive than expensive gasoline. Congratulations to those involved.”

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In Goiás, Rafael Rocha also showed that the price is already higher than other fuels: “Diesel more expensive than gasoline! Congratulations to those responsible!”, he tweeted.

Renan Diel was another Twitter user to highlight the unusual situation at the gas stations. The city where he lives was not informed: “R$ 7.07 Diesel ($1.38 dol). Who would have thought that gasoline would be cheaper at this moment than diesel? Remember when the difference was like 3x cheaper than diesel compared to gasoline? How much does it cost in your city?”, he published.

Pedro Eneas also compared fuel prices in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte: “In one of the cheapest gas stations in Natal, diesel is already more expensive than gasoline”, he wrote. Then he added: “Does even the elections hit R$10?”.

Henrique Roberto, who lives in Pará, was also outraged by the rise in the liter of diesel: “I lived to see Diesel at almost 10 contos and more expensive than Gasoline. 2022. Canaã dos Carajás”, he posted.

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