Dinner paid for by the public deficit brings together magistrates and suspects in Brasilia – 06/23/2022

The only place magistrates and suspects should meet is in the pages of court cases. Other than that, the two sides were to live apart forever, until death brought them together. Defying logic, defendant Arthur Lira hosted a dinner at the official residence of the presidency of the Chamber in honor of the 20th anniversary of Gilmar Mendes’ arrival at the Federal Supreme Court.

Bolsonaro and Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who conducts investigations against the president and is called a “scoundrel” by him, met in the same environment. They also served food and drink financed by the public deficit, in addition to the host Lira and Dean Gilmar, two other togas —Ricardo Lewandowski and Dias Toffolli— and representatives of the fine flower of the privileged forum. For example: Ciro Nogueira (Casa Civil), Anderson Torres (Justice), Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD) and Aécio Neves (PSDB).

Magistrates who fraternize with a character like Bolsonaro, who strives to disqualify the Supreme Court and its members, confuse institutionality with avacalhação.

In August, the electoral campaign and the management of Alexandre de Moraes in command of the TSE begin. By sharing the table with a reelection candidate who disqualifies the polls, Moraes signals that his promise to send anyone who subverts the electoral process to jail is only valid up to a certain point. The question mark.

For the rest, politicians who smear themselves on the secret budget and plot turn the State-Owned Companies Law inside out in order to plant bananas again within companies such as Petrobras they should only receive subpoenas for interrogation. When they receive pats on the back and handshakes, they become candidates for impunity.

In other circumstances, immodesty would just be outrageous. At a time when the country is witnessing the arrest of a former Minister of Education, in a time in which Brazilians are grappling with an economic crisis that leaves a month remaining at the end of their salary, at a time when hunger affects 33 million people… On such an occasion, dinners like the repasto offered by Lira are abject events.

Brasília do Poder has become an abjection.

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