Due to lack of doctor, server catches patient in UBS in Ceilândia

A worker at the Health Department was attacked this Wednesday (22/6) after informing a patient that there was no doctor to change a prescription at the Basic Health Unit 9 (UBS) of Ceilândia, located in P Sul.

The nursing technician Débora Evelin, 35, worked in the unit’s triage and ended up being punched by a 52-year-old woman, after informing that there would be no psychiatrist to sign a prescription for psychotropic drugs.

“I was attending and then this patient arrived, screaming, I think she had an outbreak. She asked to change the prescription, but I said that there was no way to change that prescription now, because there was no psychiatrist. But she said: ‘You will change’. I had my head down and when I looked up, she was already punching me a lot, I think she had something in her hand,” she reported (see the video below).

“When they said they called the police, she ran away. They couldn’t hold her. But she was screaming a lot inside UBS.”

The case is being investigated by the 23rd Police Station (Ceilândia) and the aggressor has already been identified, although she fled the scene after the crime of bodily harm.

Débora was referred for examinations at the Legal Medical Institute (IML).

See the video:

another case

According to Debora Evelin, another colleague from the Health Department also suffered aggression, on Monday (20/6), by a patient and for similar reasons. Both met at the Ceilândia police unit.

This occurrence was also recorded in the 23rd DP and the server ended up needing to immobilize the injured arm.

Sought, the Health Department confirmed that it had been notified about the case and said that the professional was attended at the unit itself and advised to register a police report.

“The ministry repudiates acts of violence and emphasizes that contempt for public servants in the performance of their duties can constitute a crime, provided for in the penal code”.

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