“Everton Ribeiro Reserve”; Grêmio prepares request and wants Flamengo midfielder to release Ferreira to Cariocas


Tricolor can take advantage of the market opportunity and negotiate a player who is currently in the medical department

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF
Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Right-back Edilson was hired by Grêmio for the Serie B dispute to add experience and quality to the tricolor cast. However, so far, the winger has played little and has taken the field on rare occasions due to injuries and physical problems, which will make the Immortal go after a right-back in the July transfer window, which opens from the 18th.

The vice president of football at the Club, Denis Abrahão, admitted conversations with Mário Fernandes, who played for CSKA, from Russia, but the former Grêmio will not be a reinforcement of Tricolor. “He (Mario Fernandes) told me that this year he will not play, he wants to take a sabbatical and will have a child”, regretted Dennis, who put ‘on the table’ the conditions to seek new reinforcements.

“If we paint players for free or within our conditions, we will look for them. We are attentive to the market. Guild needs two more reinforcements, because two are practically settled”, said the leader, who ended up implying that Rodinei, from Flamengo, is a long way off.

But the Carioca Club is still present in another negotiation with Grêmio, since would be interested in hiring striker Ferreira. According to the report on the website Bolavip BrazilTricolor can ask Fla for a kind of ‘exchange’ that would bring the attacking midfielder Lázaro to the Arena. In addition to Everton Ribeiro’s reserve, Immortal would like a sum of money to release Ferreirinha.

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