Ex-BBB does not hide the game and reveals how he is friendship with Arthur: “We agreed”


The ex-Rebelde won the BBB 22 with 68.96% of the viewers’ preference, in a vote with more than 750 million votes.

Arthur Aguiar on Instagram stories.
© Photo: Reproduction/Instagram Arthur AguiarArthur Aguiar on Instagram stories.

The actor and singer Arthur Aguiar won the BBB 22 in April this year, after a decision filled with emotions. Maira Cardi’s husband had 68.96% of the public’s preference, while Paulo Andre and Douglas Silva had 29.91% and 1.13%, respectively. The final became the biggest in history, with 751,366,679 votes.

In the most watched house in the country, the ex-Rebelde collected disaffections. Rodrigo Mussi, Jade Picon, Laís and Linn da Quebrada were Arthur’s rivals in the game, but the first mentioned was right with the artist. The commercial manager and the reality show champion, by the way, exchanged messages after confinement.

Still on the show, Sophia’s father got close to DG, Scooby and PA, as well as Tiago Abravanel. Silvio Santos’ grandson even talked about his relationship with the eternal Duca de Malhação. In an interview with the podcast PodDelas, the voice actor did not hide the game.

I exchanged a few messages with Arthur and we arranged to meet“, revealed Abrava, after being asked about friendship with Aguiar and Naiara Azevedo. “[Amizades não continuam] strong no, we are living a moment of digestion, we are digesting what we lived, I was always available to talk“, he added.

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