Find out in which states gasoline is more expensive in Brazil

That the price of fuel is increasing is not new. However, did you know that there is variation in values ​​depending on the state? Therefore, today we will tell you which are the states in which the Gasoline it’s more expensive. Keep reading and check out how the price diversity is currently.

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Places with the most expensive gasoline in Brazil today

According to data released this Tuesday (21) by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), of the ten Brazilian states where gasoline is more expensive, five belong to the Northeast region.

The ANP survey was conducted last week, from June 12 to 18, and collected data from more than 5,000 gas stations in Brazil. However, the results still do not fully reflect the last adjustment that was announced by Petrobras in its refineries.

The highest value verified in the country was in the state of Rio de Janeiro, whose registered price was R$ 8.99. Then came Bahia and São Paulo, respectively, with R$ 8.59, but there was a tiebreaker.

Although the two states charge the same amount for fuel, the tie was broken because it is still possible to find gasoline for R$ 6.17 in some cities in São Paulo, while in Bahia the lowest price is R$ 7.29. In fourth place was Ceará, with gasoline at R$ 8.30.

Paraná occupied the fifth place in the ranking and Piauí, in sixth, both with the value of the liter at R$ 7.29 in the capitals. In this way, the minimum price of some cities in the interior was what defined the tiebreaker.

Finally, completing the list of the top ten, Minas Gerais was left in seventh position (R$ 8.23), Pará in eighth (R$ 8.15), Alagoas (R$ 8.09), while Pernambuco was in tenth place. from the list, with a liter of gasoline at R$ 8.07.

The states with the cheapest gasoline

At the other end of the list, Amapá was the state with the lowest average value found, with R$ 6.443, a value lower than in states such as São Paulo (R$ 6.82) and Rio Grande do Sul (R$ 6.88 ).

In relation to the place with the lowest price in the entire country, it was a service station located in Assis, a municipality located in the interior of São Paulo, with a price of R$ 6,170.

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