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Faced with the low demand of priority groups for the flu vaccine in this year’s campaign, the Ministry of Health will authorize, as of Saturday (25), that states and municipalities offer the immunizing agent in the SUS to the entire population.

According to the folder, everyone aged 6 months or older can receive the vaccine.

With three days to go until the end of the extension of the campaign for priority groups, this Tuesday (21), only 52.3% of this portion of the population had sought the vaccine against the influenza virus.

The Ministry of Health estimates that 78 million Brazilians are part of the priority groups, which include the elderly, pregnant women, children, indigenous people, health workers, teachers and other professional categories.

Approximately 80 million doses were ordered by the federal government from the Butantan Institute, of which about 35 million had been applied to date.

The remaining stock can be used while it lasts by states and municipalities to vaccinate the general public.

The government launched april 4 flu immunization campaign, initially for the elderly and health professionals. in may, the second phase included other people from the priority groups.

Low demand caused the campaign to be extended from June 2nd to June 24th.

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