Flamengo’s performances: Matheuzinho is the worst in Gabi’s bad night; Andreas does well, and Rodinei adds volume to the team | Flamengo

Absolute holder since May, he returned to play badly against Atlético-MG. He missed important decisions, especially in the second half. Right at the beginning of the stage, he got in the way of a promising attack with an extra touch on the ball. Then he cut the ball very carelessly on a counterattack that resulted in the second goal.
Note: 3.5

Once again an important figure in the offensive sector. He made the right moves, was Flamengo’s greatest finisher while on the field and took the team forward. He could only have perfected a pass to Gabigol at the end of the first half in a move in which Arrascaeta was in better condition.
Note: 6.5

Missed Atlético-MG’s first goal by taking too long to get out of the goal. It’s just not possible to put it only on his account because Rodrigo Caio and Pablo were wrong too. In the second half, he appeared well with a great save by Nacho and a bomb intervention by Allan.
Note: 5.5

He came in with simple plays, but later became Flamengo’s great offensive option on the right side. He gave a perfect cross for Lázaro’s goal and got other good attacks for his sector. With Matheuzinho bad, he is again an option in Flamengo
Note: 6.5

He left the area too much and didn’t work as a point guard. After a long time, he finished a match without finishing. He lives his worst moment in Flamengo.
Note: 3.5

Nathan Silva, from Atlético-MG, disarms Flamengo’s attack, in Mineirão – Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

  • Diego Alves: 5.5
  • Matheuzinho: 4.0
  • Rodrigo Caio: 5.0
  • Pablo: 5.0
  • Filipe Luis: 5.5
  • William Aaron: 5.5
  • João Gomes: 6.0
  • Andreas Pereira: 6.5
  • Arrascaeta: 4.0
  • Everton Ribeiro: 5.5
  • Gabigol: 3.5
  • Rotated: 6.5
  • Lazarus: 6.5
  • Peter: 4.5
  • Ayrton Lucas: 5.5
  • Thiago Maia: 6.0

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