Flávia Alessandra dispenses with the bra when posing with an open blazer: “Spectacle!”

Flavia Alessandra shared a video that got his fans excited on social media. In her official Instagram account, the famous appeared showing several looks produced with her favorite color: black. In the first of them, she appears with an open blazer, showing off the curves.

In the caption of the publication, the famous joked about liking to wear darker clothes. “I doubt you hit my favorite color! Relax, it’s a trend”, she wrote, which received thousands of likes in just a few minutes. In the comments box, netizens reacted. “Fashion queen”, praised one. “Spectacular,” wrote another fan.

See the actress’ post on social media:

emotional tribute

A few days ago, Flávia Alessandra was moved to receive a special tribute on social networks. Giulia Costadaughter of the actress, shared a series of photos on Instagram and left a textão full of messages of affection for the blonde.

Mom, in 22 years together, this is your first birthday we haven’t spent together. I wanted to be with you, I wanted to wake up next to you with that special breakfast, then eat your favorite food for lunch, even though it’s not mine, because anything goes to see your smile, I wanted to have dinner with you and help you clean up table to receive the whole family, because you love to receive people”, wrote Giulia.

declaration of love

Costa continued to pay tribute and said that he cannot give a gift worthy of his mother. “I wanted to hug you tight, give you lots of kisses and say that there is not enough present for you because you deserve the world (but the world without evil). But I’m here at the beginning of a new cycle, nervous and full of longing, but so grateful for all the foundation and support you’ve given me,” she continued.

It comforts my heart to know that we will still have many days on June 7th to celebrate together. I’m always by your side, may we continue to be even more friends, and may your cycle be full of health, sun, salt water and family! I love you, I wanted to give you a sea of ​​condensed milk and a whole world of orchids”, said Giulia.

The famous ended in the sequence. “Feel hugged, kissed and very pampered, I’m sure I’m being well represented there! I’m dying to look you in the eye! Happy life, happy day 7!” she concluded.

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