Fluminense x Cruzeiro: Edu says who favorite and warns for 180′ game

Edu evaluated that Fluminense
photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

Edu evaluated that Fluminense is a favorite in a duel against Cruzeiro, for the Copa do Brasil

Cruzeiro’s top scorer in the season, with 16 goals in 24 games, Edu analyzed that Fluminense is a favorite in the duel for the Copa do Brasil. Mineiros and cariocas begin the dispute for a place in the quarterfinals of the competition this Thursday (23), at 19:00, at Maracan.

“(…) We know that Fluminense is the favorite. We expect to play a great game, a great presentation, to be able to get a good score there in Rio de Janeiro and then decide at home. We know that, with the strength of our fans, we can fight to get the classification”, he said.

Edu reinforced the importance of Cruzeiro being strategic in the dispute against Fluminense. The decisive game for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil will only be on July 12 (Tuesday), in Mineiro. “We know that nothing is decided in the first 90 minutes. There are only 180 minutes in this match”, highlighted the striker.

“Our main objective is access to Serie A. We have always made it clear. But we will not give up any competition. We know the history of Cruzeiro, the biggest winner of the Copa do Brasil (six trophies), so we will fight to do it justice. We respect Fluminense a lot, but we trust our work”, highlighted shirt 99.

Cruzeiro closed the preparation for the game this Wednesday (22), the same date of the trip to Rio de Janeiro. The team led by Paulo Pezzolano trained in the morning at Toca da Raposa II.

After the work, the Uruguayan technician defined the list of related ones. For the duel against Fluminense, Cruzeiro will not have midfielders Neto Moura (who has already played for the competition with Mirassol’s shirt), Lo Pais (in treatment of edema in his left thigh) and striker Jaj, who continues to recover left knee injury.
Midfielder Pedro Castro and forward Waguininho were also not listed. On the other hand, midfielder Miticov and striker Luvannor, who were left out of the last commitments, appeared again among the squad.

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