Fortaleza vs Ceará live for the 2022 Copa do Brasil; follow broadcast

For the first time, the biggest duel in Ceará football is present in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. In two games, Ceará and Fortaleza will fight for a place among the eight best teams in the tournament that includes clubs from all states of the country, for a share of R$ 3.9 million, but also for the satisfaction of eliminating the biggest rival in a historic game. Follow the broadcast of the game with narration from Radio O POVO CBN.

Fortaleza vs Ceará live: listen via Youtube

Fortaleza vs Ceará live: listen via Facebook

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Fortaleza and Ceará lineups


Marcelo Boeck; Ceballos, Benevenuto, Titi; Felipe, Ronald, Zé Welison, J. Capixaba, Yago Pikachu; Robson Silvio Romero. Tech: Vojvoda


João Ricardo; Nino, Messias, Luiz Otávio, Pacheco; Richard, Richardson, Lindoso; Vina, Lima, Cleber. Coach: Marquinhos Santos.

How Fortaleza and Ceará arrive for the game

Both sides have major casualties. Ceará will not count on the Colombian Mendoza, the club’s main striker in 2022. The striker is in the medical department treating an injury to the posterior muscle of the left thigh and should stay a few more days “on hold”.

Grandpa’s list of absences also includes the injured goalkeeper Richard; Léo Rafael and Dentinho, both in transition period. On the other hand, attacking midfielder Vina, who was spared against Cuiabá-MT, will be back and should appear in the starting lineup.

At Fortaleza, Hercules, with swelling in his right thigh, and Tinga, who is complying with post-operation protocol, are out of the Clássico-Rei. Already Romarinho, who was transitioning, and Landázuri, who had flu-like symptoms on Sunday, are treated as doubts.

Right return, only Robson’s. The striker missed Leão in the previous match, for Serie A, suspended for the third yellow card, but he is available for today and should team up with Moisés in the attack.

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