Gasoline price was almost 2 months without adjustment

Before the increase in the value that took place last Friday (17), the last adjustment in the price of gasoline had taken place on March 10.

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Last Friday (17), Petrobras announced a new adjustment in fuel prices. However, the entire market was already expecting a rise, not only in the price of gasoline, but also of diesel. This was due to international pressure and threats of shortages. Brazil was more than 50 days without suffering from a readjustment in the price of gasoline.

The last adjustment in the price of gasoline had taken place in March

In short, the last adjustment in the value of gasoline had taken place on March 10, and went into effect the next day. At the time, the rise was 18.7%, two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine. This conflict has been putting pressure on the price of oil for months.

And so, it was 95 days without changing the price. This was the longest period without change since 2016, when the international price parity policy was instituted. The information is the result of a survey carried out by Abicom at the request of CNN.

The gasoline price policy was instituted in September 2016. And soon after, in October, the first adjustment based on international prices broke a period of 166 days without changes in the price of gasoline.

Petrobras adjustments

In relation to 2021 and 2022, the longest period without a gasoline price adjustment was 58 days. And it probably won’t last that long, since José Mauro Coelho, current president of Petrobras, and his executives defend the international equality policy created in the Temer government.

In addition, the possible global fuel crisis, which may occur due to the war in Ukraine, could make the increase in the price of gasoline and diesel even greater. The argument for the high price is that the distributors in Brazil were not able to import the fuel with such a big difference.

According to the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers, Abicom, the lag reached 16% of the price of diesel, or R$ 0.95. In the opinion of experts, both the price of gasoline abroad, as well as diesel, tend to rise even more.

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