Glove of Pedreiro needs to pay a millionaire fine to end contract with businessman

The conflict between the influencer Iran FerreiraO Mason’s Glove, and businessman Allan Jesus won another controversial chapter. After the revelation that the young I only had R$7,500 in my bank account.despite being a success on social networks, it was reported that the breach of contract with the agent depended on a millionaire fine, according to columnist Léo Dias, from Metrópole.

The value is close to BRL 5.2 million with ASJ Consulting. So, despite not getting an income commensurate with Instagram fame (16.9 million) and TikTok (14.3 million), the 20-year-old needs a large sum to change the managers responsible for his career.

Born in the interior of Bahia, in the municipality of Quijingue, Iran created catchphrases like “Yea”, “Receba” and “Thank God the Father”. On a dirt field, he became popular showing skill in submissions.

Conflict with businessman

Before the controversy, followers already speculated that Iran Ferreira had entered into conflict with businessman Allan Jesus, responsible for managing the youth’s career. Despite the rise in social networks, Luva de Pedreiro maintains a very humble.

The topic was discussed by other influencers, such as Casimiro. At the time, he questioned the reason for the Bahian to continue living in the same region and not having been able to obtain many advertisements with success.

Also according to Léo Dias, the money is not with Luva de Pedreiro, who continues to live in the same house he lived in since he became successful.

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