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Coach Roger Machado led Grêmio’s last training session this Wednesday afternoon, at the CRB training center, in Barra de São Miguel, Alagoas, before facing CSA, for the 14th round of Série B. problems to climb the midfield, but the side Rodrigo Ferreira reinforces the team.

Tricolor’s main absences for this round of Serie B are in the middle. Roger Machado does not have Villasanti, with flu-like symptoms, and Thiago Santos, with discomfort in his right knee. It is the first time that the coach is without both players since his return to the gaucho club.

Alongside Bitello, Lucas Silva should be chosen to enter the starting lineup. The player must play the first role in the middle and will have the mission to help the best defense in the competition.

Roger Machado in training for Grêmio — Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

In defense, Rodrigues is also out. The player had already been cut at the last minute on the eve of the match against Sampaio Corrêa. This week, he continued with a strong flu, accompanied by a fever, and stayed out of the trip.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Ferreira returns. The athlete had been missing due to a muscle injury in his right thigh, suffered on May 16, in the draw against Ituano. This fifth returns and is the only option for the right side. The tendency is to start the game.

The likely lineup has Gabriel Grando; Natã, Geromel and Bruno Alves; Rodrigo Ferreira, Lucas Silva, Bitello and Nicolas (Diogo Barbosa); Janderson, Biel and Diego Souza.

In training behind closed doors this Wednesday, the coach took advantage of the work to get the last details right and forward the team that will enter the field on Thursday.

The ball starts at 9:30 pm this Thursday, at the Rei Pelé Stadium, for CSA Grêmio. Tricolor is in fourth place and wants to go on a winning streak to consolidate itself once and for all in the G-4 of Serie B.

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