‘He wanted to take me to the bathroom by force’, says sexologist who accuses Edi Rock, from Racionais MC’s, of rape | Sao Paulo

In May 2021, rapper Edi Rock went to the apartment of sexologist Juliana Thaisa, in downtown São Paulo, in a meeting that ended with the arrival of the police at the scene and a report registered by her, hours later.

Juliana accuses the member of Racionais MC’s, one of the most respected rap groups in the country, of rape. In an interview with g1she reported that the musician grabbed her, put his hands under her blouse, touched her breasts, her buttocks, tried to pull down her pants and forcefully kiss her, all while her three-year-old daughter slept next to her in a kitchenette. single room.

The rapper denies it. In a statement to the police, to which the g1 had access, he stated that he “ran his hand” on the sexologist’s body in a consensual way and that then she “had an outbreak and started saying no”. He claims that he interrupted the approach at that moment.

Sexologist accuses rapper of sexual abuse

Sexologist accuses rapper of sexual abuse

Despite Juliana’s accusation of rape, the complaint was registered by the police as a possible case of sexual harassment – a lewd act performed against someone, without their authorization, in order to satisfy their own or a third party’s desire -, a less serious crime. .

Juliana took to the police station videos that show the rapper’s movement in her building and records of conversations between the two. Edi Rock was heard and, after the end of the investigation, the inquiry was sent to the Public Ministry, which considered that there was not enough evidence to proceed with the process in Justice. The case has been shelved.

Juliana, who works as a sex counselor and birth doula, says she grew up a fan of the Racionais. She began texting Edi Rock on Instagram after commenting on a photo of the rapper.

Edi Rock, member of the group Racionais MC’s, at a show in Altinópolis, SP — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

“He asked about my work, praised my work, brought up questions about his sexuality. We were talking about it, until the moment he started to praise me and that mood started”, she recalls.

“At no point did I say that I would have a relationship with him, but, yes, I wanted to get closer. He’s a person I was a fan of, so obviously I wanted to get to know him, get closer to him.”

On the day of the meeting, according to the sexologist, the musician called around 9 pm saying that he was close to his apartment and asking if he could “drop by to say hi”. Juliana was alone with her daughter at home. “I told her I was with my daughter and that I needed to be quick.”

Juliana says that, inside the apartment, she started to feel uncomfortable with the rapper’s reactions while the two talked about her work. “I started to realize that he was taking my work into a sexual context. That frustration set in. I changed the subject.”

“My daughter fell asleep and I was already very uncomfortable. So I let him go,” she adds.

According to Juliana, when signaling that she was leaving, Edi Rock asked her for a hug. “I went to give him a hug, but a goodbye hug, just with my arms. I never leaned my body against him. He took my ass with both hands and pulled me close to him.”

“I got scared and pushed him. [Falei] ‘Man, you’re traveling, my daughter is here by our side’. He said: ‘Let’s go to the bathroom’. He wanted to take me to the bathroom by force. It was pushing me, I was pushing it back and [falando]: ‘Let me go, let me go’.”

Already near the bathroom, according to the sexologist, Edi Rock leaned her against the wall and ran his hands over her body, while trying to kiss her. “When that happened, I opened the door to my house and asked him to leave. He didn’t want to leave at all.”

“I took the intercom to call the doorman and ask for help. At that moment, he lost control”, she recalls. “He went straight to my Wi-Fi device and pulled the wires. He started saying, ‘You can call.’ I understand he assumed I took a phone, not the intercom.”

Juliana says that the rapper continued to resist requests to leave. Because of that, she took her daughter in her arms, went to the hall of the building and entered the elevator. “He kept holding the elevator door so I wouldn’t come down.”

The sexologist says she managed to run back home and lock the door, with the musician out. She called the police, who found Edi Rock inside the car parked in front of the building. The incident report was registered the next day.

“When everyone left, I fell on my knees beside my daughter, hugged her and started to ask for forgiveness. I felt very guilty for having let a person I didn’t know into my house. I felt responsible for the risk we took ran.”

Photo released by Juliana Thaisa in stories shows police report and vehicles on the alleged day of the crime — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram Juliana Thaisa

Juliana published a report on the case this Tuesday (21), on her Instagram page. “It’s been a little over a year since I was raped, and at the time I didn’t expose it to protect my daughter, I was scared. And recently I decided to expose everything,” she wrote.

After the accusation came to light, Edi Rock spoke on Twitter, claiming innocence and saying that “it has already been proven by the Justice that [a acusação] it is a lie.” According to him, “the exposed facts made the narrative presented illegitimate and slanderous”.

In a statement to the police in the investigation, the musician said that, during the meeting with Juliana, the two drank alcoholic beverages – which she denies. He claimed the sexologist’s daughter was sleeping “about three meters away”.

The rapper says that, while talking to Juliana in the apartment, he invited her to come closer. She would then have sat on his lap.

The musician said he felt “freedom to have contact with her”. After putting her hand on the sexologist’s body, according to Edi Rock, she “had an outbreak and started to say no”, soon after she left his lap. To the police, he told that he stopped at this moment and that he would “never do anything without Juliana’s consent”.

Edi Rock also stated that the sexologist made threats by mentioning that she would speak to the press about the episode, and that, because of that, he got nervous and called his lawyer, who would have instructed him to remain at the scene until the police arrived.

The doorman of the building where Juliana lived also testified about the case. He confirmed that, on the day of the occurrence, he received a call from the sexologist on the intercom, asking for help to remove the musician from the condominium.

The doorman said that, already on the floor of her apartment, he found Edi Rock sitting on the floor in the hallway. He repeated that he had done nothing, according to the doorman.

In possession of the depositions and the investigation carried out by the police, the Public Ministry decided to close the case in October of last year. The order, signed by prosecutor Pedro Fernandes Castelo Maciel, says that the reports and evidence collected during the investigation do not make it possible to be sure whether the crime occurred or not.

“It is not denied that the investigated may have misinterpreted the victim’s real intentions towards him, as well as the fact that after the physical approach that took place in the apartment (not initially denied by the victim), it was possible to evolve into an exchange of caresses”, says the promoter.

“On the other hand, it is also possible that the victim changed his initial will, not wanting, from that moment on, a more intimate relationship with the investigated, which after the verbalization of his will would have been understood.”

For Juliana, the MP’s decision has a sexist basis. “Roughly speaking, they say that everything I gave was not evidence, that there had to be a witness saying that they saw him raping me or some footage of the act. Do I have to have a camera inside my house? Film it with my cell phone? Or would I take it out off me, or filming.”

“What always happens: the woman is invalidated, the victim’s word is worthless. He said it didn’t happen, and his word stood out,” he added.

“Now he’s playing shows, earning money, with life moving, and I’m here. All areas of my life have been affected. I work with sexuality, I hear reports of violence very often. I was having crises before the appointments.”

After the episode, the sexologist moved from São Paulo to Guarujá, on the coast of the state. She turned to the Justiceiras project, which offers legal, psychological, social and medical advice to women victims of violence.

The organization sent the National Council of the Public Ministry a report asking that the prosecutor’s opinion on the case be evaluated. But, according to lawyer Silvia Cursino, one of the professionals who advised Juliana, the document does not have the power to reverse the filing.

This is only possible if Juliana appeals the decision. In the account she made on Instagram, she said she will try to follow up on the case. “I won’t settle down until I reopen this investigation. I won’t stop because this brother, he didn’t just disrespect me, he disrespected my daughter. And then, partner, there’s no conversation.”

wanted by g1Racionais MC’s press office had not responded until the last update of this report.

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