“His intention was to kill me”

According to the Attorney General of the Registry, in the interior of São Paulo, the blows went beyond punches and elbows and lasted much longer than the 20 seconds recorded in images by a co-worker.

“The video starts when I was there in the corner, already surrendered. When the attacks started I was far from the wall, I was thrown”, said Gabriela Barros.

intent to kill

The attorney general reported that during the 20 minutes she was assaulted, she did not think she would survive the attack. “When I was suffering the aggressions, I thought he was going to kill me, I thought I was going to be beaten to death”, she said.

Gabriela believes that Demetrius deserves to be convicted of attempted femicide and contempt.


“If he only intended to hurt me, he wouldn’t have dealt so many violent blows just to my head. He could have hit other places on my body, slapped me, kicked me in the legs. His intent was well aimed at killing me.”

Beginning of aggression

The servant said that the aggressions started when she stopped to talk at a co-worker’s table, before leaving the city hall at the end of Monday’s working hours (20/6).

“I was leaving, he left his room with the door closed and surprised me with a blow”, reported Gabriela Barros.

According to the prosecutor, there was no conversation between her and the aggressor, who was her subordinate, at that time.

“He didn’t speak to me, he just communicated with me formally by memos. When it was informal, he would send notes through the staff,” she said.


The Attorney General of the Registry believes that Demetrius decided to attack her after seeing a publication in the Official Gazette, made around 4 pm.

“He became aware of a commission that would conduct an administrative proceeding against him. I think he saw a publication in the Official Gazette and was furious,” he said.

Gabriela also said that the prosecutor did not accept being subordinate to a woman. “He cursed me with all the names, a slut, a whore, then he elbowed me, started punching me violently in the head,” she said.


The public servant still has cuts on her head, a large swelling in her eye and difficulty opening her mouth. She will have to undergo evaluations by an ophthalmologist and a specialist in the jaw.

Traumatized and scared, she says she is not alone and is taking medication to help her sleep. The prosecutor stated that she wants to go back to work, but she still does not have the psychological conditions.

“I’m fearing it more than before, because it’s taken on a very large proportion and he’s definitely seeing all of this. I think he might kill me if he finds me on the street,” he said.

In a statement to the Civil Police, Demetrius admitted that he assaulted his co-worker. “But he claimed that he did so because he suffered moral harassment”, said delegate Fernando Carvalho Gregório, in an interview with TV Tribuna, affiliated with Rede Globo.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday (22/6), the Civil Police requested the preventive detention of the server.

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