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Gustavo Mantuan lived, in the 4-0 rout against Santos, last Wednesday, for the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, the apex of his career so far. With the goal scored at Neo Química Arena, the player reaches the fifth position in the season, isolating himself in the team’s vice-artillery.

– For now, I believe so (I live my best moment in my career). I’m very happy with my performance, but I don’t want to stop, I want to be constantly evolving – said Mantuan after the match.

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Since he was six years old at Corinthians, Mantuan started in futsal, he has been going to Parque São Jorge since he was little, he is from a Corinthians family and has his life related to Timão. In social networks, the player born in 2001 records his career and remembers old moments.

Gustavo Mantuan records his life at Corinthians on social media — Photo: Reproduction

The birthday boy of the week spoke after the match about the importance of the club for his creation.

– I remember, since I was little, when I started when I was six years old. It’s a life, it’s my life. I owe a lot to Corinthians, I have to be grateful until the end of my career. I am very happy that this club has created me as a player and a person.”

In the photo below, the player remembers his futsal years. He stayed in indoor soccer between the ages of six and 13. He followed in the footsteps of many players, like his teammate Lucas Piton, who go through this modality before going to the field.

On the lawns, Mantuan lives the routine of a professional player from an early age. Travel, concentration, training, recovery, friendships… The player defines his career so far in two words.

– Gratitude and work. It boils down to this,” he said to the ge.

With the confidence of the coach and his teammates, in addition to the affection of the fans, Mantuan wants to consolidate himself more and more in the Corinthians team. In the season, there are 29 games, five goals and one assist.

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Early gamer routine

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