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Portrait Mode, an effect that blurs the background of the photo and keeps the main subject in focus, may not work on older phones or those that don’t have a set of cameras capable of creating the image. However, it is possible to reproduce this “filter” in any portrait present in the Android mobile gallery using the Google Photos application, which uses artificial intelligence to create depth in the images. Check out, below, how to do portrait mode on an Android phone that doesn’t have this function.

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See how to apply Portrait Mode to photos from the gallery of Android phones that don’t have the feature; — Photo: TechTudo

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How to make portrait mode with Google Photos

Step 1. Open Google Photos and access the photo you want to apply the effect to. Remember that the image must have a prominent central object;

Google Photos lets you apply Portrait Mode to gallery photos; see how — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 2. With the photo open, click on “Edit”. Then go to “Tools”;

See how to apply effect to gallery images on Google Photos — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 3. Tap on “Blur” option. The effect will be applied immediately;

See how to apply portrait mode to gallery photos via Google Photos — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Step 4. It is possible to adjust the blur level and depth to achieve the desired effect;

User can set blur level and depth — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

oStep 5. At the end, tap “Done” and press “Save copy” to store the image with effect, in order to preserve the original file.

See how to save photo with portrait mode in Google Photos — Photo: Reproduction/Rodrigo Fernandes

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to create a photo with portrait mode on a cell phone that doesn’t have the function.

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