Hulk responds to Gabigol’s poke after Atlético-MG vs Flamengo: ‘There’s no boy…’

Atlético-MG shirt 7 also spoke about the importance of the 2-1 victory over Flamengo, this Wednesday (22), at Mineirão, for the Copa do Brasil

This Wednesday (22), Atlético-MG beat Flamengo 2-1 at Mineirãoand started ahead in the round of 16 of Brazil’s Cup. And right after departure, striker Gabigol gave Galo a nudge, already projecting the game backbut did not go unanswered.

Still on the Mineirão lawn, striker Hulk responded to the statement given by shirt 9 red-black and made it clear that Atlético players have plenty of experience to play in pressure environments, as is usually the case at Maracanã.

“We know, minimal advantage when it comes to a great team. We know how important it is to win the first game, the first 90 minutes. In the second game, we’re going to go in focused, we’re going to do our best”, he began by saying, in statements to the sportv.

We are used to playing in large environments. All experienced players, national teams, tough players, so there’s no boy to face any pressure. But the important thing is to do what the teacher [Turco Mohamed] asks, enter concentrated and give my best. To make it clear that nothing has been won yet, a part is on the way, but we have the second part for, if God wants to guarantee the spot for the next phase”, he added.

Finally, shirt 7 of the rooster also revealed that he has an inflammation in his foot, and that’s why he has been feeling some pain in the region. He assured, however, that he will continue to play in the sacrifice, regardless of the pain.

“We came from two games on very hard fields. From Palmeiras, which is synthetic, and then at Castelão, which was a [contra o Ceará] very tight and the field was very hard. I had an inflammation on the sole of the foot, in the fat of the foot, where it has been bothering me a lot. And you can’t stop many games, sometimes even training is very uncomfortable. You have to wait for the inflammation to go away, but the sequence of games is difficult, we have to sacrifice, in pain, and most importantly: leave tired, with cramps, in pain, but aware of the job well done and the positive result. . This is very important,” he concluded.

With the victory, Atlético-MG can even draw at Maracanã, on the next day July 13, for the return game of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. If Flamengo wins by a goal difference, the definition for the spot in the quarterfinals goes to penalties.

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