In a conversation with Ana Maria Braga, Rodrigo breaks the silence on the driver of the accident and exposes: “He didn’t visit me”


The ex-brother, as everyone knows, almost died in a car accident at the end of March, after watching a game at Morumbi

Photos: Reproduction / TV Globo
Photos: Reproduction / TV Globo

And what a story of overcoming, Brazil! Rodrigo MussiexBBB, “born again”. The influencer, at the end of March, was present at the 1st duel between Sao Paulo and palm treesfur Paulistão. Soon after, when the game ended, he asked for an app car and had a very serious accident, which almost took his life. in contact with the ‘Fantastic’he manifested himself for the 1st time.

The model recovers at home, where he is attended by doctors and physical therapists on a weekly basis: “It is a privilege to be here. I don’t think anyone who was close to the accident expected me to be here after almost two months. It’s cool. It’s progressing well, but what people say really, doctors and such, that it really was a miracle.”.

On Thursday morning (23), Rodrigo participated in another channel program GlobeO ‘More you’with Ana Maria Braga. The ex-brother even mentioned the driver who drove the car, saying that he did not even receive contact after the event: “I didn’t get to meet the driver. He didn’t come to visit me, I don’t have much news. I’m in full recovery.”.

Shortly after the accident, the driver underwent a breathalyzer test, which came back negative. He was charged only for bodily harm, unintentionally: “There is no way to go back, but there is a way for me to go forward. We don’t give a damn about details that can save our lives. This is something that made me think a lot about recovery.”closed Rodrigo.

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