Income Tax: 2nd batch will be paid with 1% correction – 06/22/2022 – Market

The second batch of Income Tax 2022 refund, which will be paid by the Federal Revenue Service next Thursday (30), will have a correction of 1%, based on the Selic (basic interest rate of the economy).

The Federal Revenue will open the consultation to the second batch this Thursday (23), at 10 am, according to the Sheet anticipated. R$ 6.3 billion will be paid to 4.3 million taxpayers.

Of the total, R$ 2.7 million are for citizens with legal priority, with 87,401 elderly people over 80 years old, 675,495 between 60 and 79 years old, 48,913 taxpayers with some physical or mental disability or serious illness and 661,831 whose main source of income is the magisterium. They will also receive 2.8 million non-priority taxpayers who submitted the declaration by March 19 this year.

Who will receive this batch?

Priority and non-priority contributors enter the second batch. In the case of non-priority, payment will be made to the person who submitted the declaration until March 19, 2022. For those who are supported by legal priorities, there is no specific deadline. Anytime they deliver the statement or leave the fine mesh they can receive the money, if there are no mistakes.

Taxpayers are entitled to priority:

  1. over 80 years
  2. Between 60 and 79 years old
  3. With any physical or mental disability or serious illness
  4. Whose main source of income is teaching

If the taxpayer fits these conditions, but does not enter the second batch, he must consult the statement extract to verify if pending issues have been identified. If this has occurred, you will need to correct them and submit a rectifying statement.

how to make the query

The consultation is done online, on the website of the Federal Revenue. The taxpayer needs to inform the CPF number, date of birth and the data requested on the screen. For this simpler query, the system does not inform the amount of the refund, but for those who enter the second batch, it will appear that the payment will be made on the 30th at the bank indicated by the taxpayer when delivering the declaration.

The Revenue informs that it makes available the application for tablet and cell phone in which it is possible to directly consult the release of the refund, in addition to the registration status of a CPF registration, for example.

There is also the option to consult the status of the declaration through the e-CAC Portal, which is the tax office’s Virtual Service Center. For this, you must have a silver or gold level password. See what to do:

  1. Access the e-CAC Portal and go to “Entrar com”
  2. On the next page, enter your CPF and click “Continue”
  3. Then enter the password and go to “Login”
  4. In “Featured Services”, go to “My Income Tax (Dirpf Statement)”


In the extract, the taxpayer can consult:

  • The status of the declaration, including whether there are pending processing, which indicates a fine mesh
  • If the refund has already been sent for payment, you will be able to see the updated amount, the credit date and the banking institution where the refund will be credited
  • If the taxpayer has debts, it is possible to consult them and authorize the ex officio offsetting using the refund balance
  • If the tax to be refunded has been used for ex officio clearing, you can consult the statement of the offset carried out

See the 2022 IR refund payment schedule

BatchPay day
1stAlready paid
2ndJune 30
3rdJuly 29
4thAugust, 31
5thSeptember 30th

Other batches will also be corrected

The next batches of IR will also be corrected by the Selic, but the percentages have not yet been informed. In all, five lots of Income Tax refund are released. The correction is 1% plus interest on the monthly base rate, increasing the gains of those who declared in recent days.

The Selic rose to 13.25% last Wednesday (15), after a decision by the Central Bank’s Copom (Monetary Policy Committee). The collegiate signaled that the interest rate increase will extend until the next meeting, in August, when it foresees a new high, which can be 0.5 percentage point or 0.25 percentage point.

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