Indebted entrepreneurs can borrow BRL 5,000

Check out who can apply for the loan for indebted entrepreneurs and how credit can be contracted.

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Entrepreneurs who became indebted due to the Covid-19 pandemic can apply for a zero-interest loan to pay their debts. The initiative, called Nome Limpo, is made available by the Government of the State of São Paulo in partnership with Banco do Povo.

According to the Economic Development Department, approximately R$100 million in credit was allocated to the action. Therefore, the main objective is to allow entrepreneurs who are negative in the main protection agencies to have the opportunity to regularize their situation.

In this way, the initiative allows people who run businesses to take out a loan from R$100 to R$5,000. The deadline to start payment is 180 days and 24 months to pay off the entire debt.

Who can apply for the Nome Limpo loan?

To participate in the initiative and be able to apply for the Nome Limpo loan, the interested party must act as an individual micro-entrepreneur (MEI), be the owner of a micro-enterprise, Limited Partnership (known as LTDA) and Individual Limited Liability Company (Eireli).

The entrepreneur also needs to have a business in the state of São Paulo, to have completed the entrepreneurial qualification course offered by the São Paulo Development Agency (Ade Sampa), the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) or Aliança Empreendedora. In addition, it is necessary that:

  • The debt has been incurred as of March 2020;
  • Accept the verification visit carried out by Ade Sampa;
  • Show a recovery plan;
  • Present the slip issued to the credit protection agencies to pay the debt.

Loan of up to BRL 5,000 for indebted entrepreneurs: how to apply?

The entrepreneur in debt during the pandemic, interested in asking for a loan of up to R$ 5 thousand, must go to a unit of Banco do Povo in the municipality he resides, more precisely where the CNPJ is registered.

Banco do Povo is present throughout the state of SP, operating its decentralized microcredit policy in more than 500 cities. It is worth remembering that Caixa Econômica Federal also offers loans of up to R$ 3 thousand for MEIs.

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Image: Vergani Photography /

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