“It can be crucial”; Rivaldo doesn’t dodge and draws attention to detail about Cebolinha’s arrival at Flamengo


Five-time World Champion was very connected to the moment he lived in Gávea

Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF
Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF

O mengão do you have any news. the arrival of Everton Chives gives hope to the Nation regarding the evolution of the team, which is going through a phase of much fluctuation in performance. Bruno Henrique’s injury was a bucket of cold water in Gávea, however, with Cebolinha integrated into the team, this problem gains weight.

With the authority of someone who has already established himself as the best player in the world, former player Rivaldo gave an interview to Betfair and discussed the hiring of Cebolinha for Mais Querido. The five-time world champion for the Brazilian team, made his analysis on the arrival of the Libertadores champion for Grêmio, in 2017, and the Copa América 2019, with the Brazilian team.

“The arrival of Everton ‘Cebolinha’ could be crucial for the team. He has at Flamengo an excellent opportunity to show his work that is positive throughout his career. Things didn’t go very well when he was at Benfica, but he has already shown a lot of quality at Grêmio and the national team, now arriving at Flamengo, which really needs a differentiated player to improve his aim there in the attack.”, declared the former player. player.

Rivaldo proved to be very knowledgeable about the moment that Fla is going through, as well as the importance that Bruno Henrique has in Rubro-Negro. For the former number 11 of Brazil, Cebolinha was the ideal name to make up for the absence of BH: “I say he arrived at Flamengo at the right time. With space on the left wing after Bruno Henrique was injured, Cebolinha should have a lot of playing time to show himself and maybe even return to being Tite’s option in the Brazilian team at a time when the World Cup is approaching”, said the ambassador of Betfair.

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