João Gomes, piseiro phenomenon, comes out in defense of Maisa Silva after Sonia Abrão’s prick: “Annoying woman”

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The presenter of RedeTV! criticized Maisa after Globo considered the young woman to present an attraction on the station

The singer next to Maisa Silva - Image: Reproduction/Official Instagram of João Gomes
The singer next to Maisa Silva – Image: Reproduction/Official Instagram of João Gomes

João Gomes never hid his admiration for Maisa Silva. The singer, who exploded with several forró hits, has already exposed his interest in the former SBT presenter several times and decided to come out in her defense after Sonia Abrão pinned the young woman on her show ‘A Tarde é Sua’: “I find Maisa boring and unsympathetic”, fired the presenter of RedeTV!

It all started after rumors that Maisa will go to TV Globo to assume the bench in the return of the program “Video Show”. In her program, Sonia criticized the possibility, even saying that the artist should star in a soap opera instead of assuming a position as a presenter.

“I think Maisa is absurd as an anchor on the ‘Video Show’. With all due respect, I could never see in Maisa everything that people see. I think Maisa is boring, unsympathetic, I don’t think she did well on the show she did. at SBT. This story of just her on the bench won’t last long. If I’m wrong I’ll bite my tongue and I’ll swallow what I’m saying. I don’t think it lasts long”, opined.

After the subject reverberated, the singer João Gomes commented on the journalist’s opinion regarding Maisa Silvaon the profile “Fofoquei”, on Instagram: “what a boring woman”, triggered the phenomenon of the piseiro, receiving support from other netizens on the subject: “No one messes with Maisa”, commented one user on Instagram. “That! Defend yourself!”commented another.

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