João Guilherme and Jade Picon are caught in a click and the internet speculates an alleged reconciliation: “More than friends”

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João Guilherme and Jade Picon broke up last year

João Guilherme and Jade Picon did not comment on the photos
© Reproduction/[email protected]João Guilherme and Jade Picon did not comment on the photos

João Guilherme and Jade Picon lived a beautiful relationship a few years ago and to this day the couple’s fans dream of a possible reconciliation between the two. The possibility seems high, especially after this Wednesday (22). The ex-boyfriends were seen together having dinner at the Rio de Janeiro and the internet can’t handle speculation.

The content was posted on Instagram Subcelebrities” and you can see that the couple is in the company of two more friends. In the picture, Jade Picon is sitting while João Guilherme is standing next to you. It is worth remembering that both are single and apparently nothing prevents the two from giving each other another chance.

mysterious tattoo

This last Friday (17), the ex of Larissa Manoela answered some questions from admirers and delivered that he has a tattoo in a very eccentric place. according to himself João Guilhermethe influencer has kept the brand for years and did not reveal why he made the initial.

“This ‘J’ I’ve been hiding for years. I don’t know if I’ve shown it or not”, he said. João Guilherme. When asked if he could reveal the initials of the people he’s liked the last few days, João was undeterred and handed over the requested information. “L, J, A, D, B, so on,” he joked.

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