Juliano Cazarré’s daughter is born with a rare disease and needs an operation

Juliano and Leticia Cazarré used social media to tell their followers about the birth of their fifth daughter, Maria Guilhermina.

She was born yesterday morning and shortly after giving birth needed surgery to correct a rare abnormality in her heart. Now, the child’s condition is stable.

“Maria Guilhermina arrived with a special heart, also expanding our hearts and those of everyone around her!”, says the text published by the parents on Instagram.

According to the couple, the Ebstein Anomaly was also identified in the prenatal exams: “During the pregnancy, the doctors realized that her case would be one of the rarest and most serious within the anomaly and, therefore, we decided to come to São Paulo so that she could be born with the most specialized team”.

“The surgery went well, she is stable and continues to recover and receive the best care. Her doctors and specialists are true heroes, and we are happy and reassured to have such a well-prepared and dedicated team.”

In the text, they thank their friends and family for their support and add: “Our hearts are full of joy and trust! Maria Guilhermina is the most beautiful thing! We will continue to take care of everything so that soon we can take her home, where her brothers Vicente, Inacio, Gaspar and Maria Madalena eagerly await her!”

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