Juliano Cazarré’s fifth daughter is born with a rare disease

Juliano Cazarré celebrated the birth of his daughter (photo: reproduction / instagram @cazarre)

Juliano Cazarré celebrated the birth of his daughter (photo: reproduction / instagram @cazarre)

news summary:

  • Juliano Cazarré celebrated the birth of his fifth daughter, Maria Guilhermina de Guadalupe

  • The girl was diagnosed with a rare heart disease during her pregnancy.

  • The actor has been married to Letícia Cazarré for 11 years and is the father of four other children.

Juliano Cazarre used social networks this Wednesday (22) to celebrate the birth of her fifth daughter, Maria Guilhermina de Guadalupe. The girl was born in São Paulo and is the result of her 11-year marriage to stylist Letícia Cazarré.

In the photo he shared on his Instagram account, he said that the girl has a rare disease. “Maria Guilhermina arrived with a special heart, also expanding our hearts and those of everyone around her! On prenatal exams, we found that she had a rare congenital heart disease called Ebstein Anomaly,” he wrote.

Cancerian for a matter of hours, the girl was already being followed up by a medical team before she was born. “During the pregnancy, the doctors realized that her case would be one of the rarest and most serious within the anomaly and, therefore, we decided to come to São Paulo so that she could be born with the most specialized team”, she revealed.

Cazarré said that the newborn had to undergo surgery in the first hours of life, which went well. “She is stable and continues to recover and receive the best care. Its doctors and specialists are true heroes, and we are happy and reassured to have such a well-prepared and dedicated team”, she thanked.

The actor also thanked the prayers he has received from fans. “They have been instrumental in keeping us calm and steady at this time. Our hearts are filled with joy and confidence! Maria Guilhermina is the most beautiful thing! We will continue to take care of everything so that, soon, we can take her home, where her brothers Vicente, Inácio, Gaspar and Maria Madalena eagerly await her!”, he concluded.

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