Justice rejects defense request from Milton Ribeiro, former Minister of Education, and determines transfer to Brasília | Sao Paulo

The Federal Justice denied the defense’s request to remain in Sao Paulo of the former Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, arrested by the Federal Police this Wednesday (22), in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo. In the decision, Judge Renato Borelli, of the 15th Federal Court, determined the immediate transfer of the former minister to Brasília.

Former government minister Jair Bolsonaro was arrested as part of an operation, called Acesso Pago, which investigates the practice of influence peddling and corruption in the release of funds from the National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE), an agency linked to the Ministry of Education. of Education.

(CORRECTION: When publishing this story, the g1 was wrong to inform that the defense of former minister Milton Ribeiro had requested a habeas corpus to the Justice and that it was rejected. In fact, the minister filed a request not to be transferred to Brasilia. The request was denied. The report was updated at 3:24 pm.)

Ribeiro’s arrest was determined by the Justice because of his alleged involvement in a scheme to release funds from the MEC. The ex-minister is investigated on suspicion of passive corruption; prevarication (when a public official ‘unduly delays or fails to perform an official act’, or if he performs it ‘against the express provision of law, to satisfy a personal interest or feeling’); administrative law (when a public servant defends particular interests with the public administration body where he performs his duties); and influence peddling.

In a note sent to the press, Milton Ribeiro’s lawyers defended that the former minister’s arrest “is unfair, unmotivated and undeniably unnecessary” and that “there is no reason for the edited preventive detention”.

The investigation involves an audio in which Ribeiro said to release funds from the portfolio by indication of two pastors, Gilmar Santos and Arilton Moura, at the request of Bolsonaro.

“It was a special request that the President of the Republic made to me on the issue of [pastor] Gilmar”, said the minister in the audio.

Some mayors also denounced requests for bribes – in cash and in gold – in exchange for releasing funds to the municipalities. Milton Ribeiro said that he asked the Comptroller General of the Union to investigate these complaints.

Ribeiro had already testified to the PF at the end of March, when he confirmed that he received Pastor Gilmar at the request of Bolsonaro. However, he denied that any favoritism had taken place.

Who is Milton Ribeiro?

Who is Milton Ribeiro?

The inquiry was opened after the newspaper “O Estado de S. Paulo” revealed, in March, the existence of a “parallel office” within the MEC controlled by the two pastors. Days later, the newspaper “Folha de S.Paulo” released an audio of a meeting in which Ribeiro said that, at the request of Bolsonaro, he transferred funds to municipalities appointed by Pastor Gilmar Silva.

After the audio was revealed, Ribeiro left the command of the Ministry of Education.

Records from the Institutional Security Office (GSI) point to dozens of accesses by the two pastors to offices in the Planalto Palace.

In a video, Bolsonaro even said that he “put his face on fire” for Ribeiro and that the complaints against the former minister were “cowardice” (watch below). Already this Wednesday, asked about the arrest of the former minister by the PF, Bolsonaro said that Ribeiro is the one who should answer for possible irregularities at the head of the MEC.

“He is responsible for his actions,” Bolsonaro said in an interview with Itatiaia radio. The president also said that “if the PF arrested him, he has a reason.”

Bolsonaro: 'I set my face on fire for Milton'

Bolsonaro: ‘I set my face on fire for Milton’

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