know the value that Luva de Pedreiro has in both bank accounts

The controversy surrounding the relationship between Iran Ferreira, known as Luva de Pedreiro, and his manager Allan Jesus, has just gained a new chapter. The influencer’s new career managers, who preferred not to be identified at this time, exclusively told the LeoDias column the shocking state of the young man’s only two bank accounts.

According to the new entrepreneurs, Luva de Pedreiro has two accounts in the bank that together total a value of R$ 7,500 and they also emphasize that if Allan Jesus says that there is another bank account besides these, this is not known to the influencer.


As already reported, the LeoDias column carried out an investigation with a source from the influence marketing area who once probed a quote in Luva’s media. The result? Extremely high numbers!

To give you an idea, the beginning was so promising, that even without exclusivity with any company, its first big billing was R$ 300 thousand. The explosion came shortly after, two months ago, when the young Bahian turned Amazon Prime Video’s consumer dream to publicizing the streaming service’s sporting events menu. The contract earned him no less than R$1 million.

Where did that money go?

What remains to be understood is how all this money was managed, since even after the explosion on social media, the young man continues to live in a simple house, in the interior of Bahia. Until this Tuesday (21/6), the career of the talented tiktoker was under the umbrella of ASJ Consultoria, owned by businessman Allan Jesus, but after the controversies, it is now managed by other names, who preferred not to be identified.

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