Leaked alleged battery capacities of the “iPhones 14”

Every year, the most controversial rumors surrounding the next generation of iPhones are related to the drums devices, for obvious reasons. This year would be no different, and with the announcement of the new models approaching, these speculations are emerging again.

This time the leaker @ShrimpApplePro — already known in the midst of the rumors — echoed information found on Baidu about the battery capacities of the future “iPhones 14”. It is important to note, however, that the information was not confirmed even by the leaker in question.

“Battery capacity of the iPhone 14 range, note this is unconfirmed.”

According to what has been pointed out, the “standard” model of the line would timidly increase to 3,279mAh (compared to the 3,227mAh of the iPhone 13), while the battery of the “iPhone 14 Pro” would see an interesting improvement, to 3,200mAh (compared to the current 3,095 mAh of the 13 Pro). The future flagship model, however, would have a slight decrease with 4,323mAh (the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a component of 4,352mAh). The “iPhone 14 Max”, which does not have a direct predecessor for comparison, would have 4,325mAh, practically the same capacity as the “iPhone 14 Pro Max”.

As with any rumor, there is still no confirmation about the repercussion, which is even reinforced by the leaker. Even so, it is interesting to observe how the models, especially the smaller version of the Pro, should gain an interesting increase in battery life. It is also notable how the possible model “14 Max” has been solidifying amidst speculation.

the journalist Jon Rossignol showed distrust in relation to what was presented by the leaker. Rossignol, however, acknowledged that the battery capacities of the iPhones 13 were similarly discovered on Chinese social networks.

Just so you know, the rumor about iPhone 14 battery capacities circulating today seems dubious. I’m not sure if there’s any proof that they’re not random numbers from a random account with no history.

Other rumors about the new devices include an improved front camera, Always On Display, greater thickness and the end of the notch on Pro models.

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