Lucas Leiva is coming to Grêmio; see in what ‘conditions’ the steering wheel arrives after 15 years in Europe


After spending 15 years in European football, the player’s physical condition doesn’t seem to be a concern when looking at the 35-year-old’s game numbers.

Photo: Marco Rosi - SS Lazio/Getty Images - Lucas Leiva is returning to Grêmio.
Photo: Marco Rosi – SS Lazio/Getty Images – Lucas Leiva is returning to Grêmio.

Grêmio finally put an end to one of its biggest soap operas before the opening of the second transfer window in Brazil. The Immortal board agreed to return midfielder Lucas Leiva to the Club, after almost fifteen years working in European football after leaving Tricolo Gaúcho in 2007.

As is usual with most medallions who return to Brazil at an older age, Lucas is 35 years old, many questions are asked about the player’s physical condition. However, despite not being an absolute starter last season for Lazio, Leiva acted a lot.

in total, there were 45 matches for the Italian Club, 26 of them as a starter. Since arriving at Lazio, it was his second season with the most appearances since 2017/2018. So, regarding concerns about the player’s physical issue, Grêmio fans can rest assured.

In total, by the Italian team, there were almost 200 games (198 matches), where the player scored 4 goals and distributed 14 assists, and left his mark on the fans, becoming a reference on and off the pitch. According to Wesley Lourenço, from the Lazio Brasil portal, in an interview with GE, the crowd still asked for Lucas to remain on the team.

In these five years, his contribution has diminished over time, but the affection has always remained. When there was still uncertainty about his permanence, fans still defended a renewal, either because of the football presented, or because they believed that his influence was always very positive in the squad.“, said Wesley.

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