Luisa Sonza is spotted in a tiny bikini on a beach in Rio and her body steals the show

The singer Luisa Sonza23 years old, took advantage of the sunny afternoon of this Wednesday (22), to have fun on Barra da Tijuca beach, in the west of Rio de Janeiro. To enjoy the moment of leisure, she wore a stylish piece.

In this ocasion, the artist bet on a thin bikini, with a flower print on the top and black panties. Owner of a spectacular body, Luísa Sonza was photographed playing altinhas with some friends and bathing in the sea.

While playing the sport, the famous flaunted her powerful curves and drew attention with her bold marks and some tattoos that she has stamped on her body.

Check out photos of Luísa Sonza on the beach in Rio:

Denounced brand boycotts

Recently, Luisa Sonza made an outburst on his social networks, denouncing the fact that many brands are boycotting celebrities and influencers who take a political stand. At the time, she said that the advertising market has been refusing work for these people and regretted the situation.

“It’s a deep sadness. Knowing that brands are taking down advertising campaigns with celebrities and influencers who are POLITICALLY POSITIONED. What should be a NEED to hire. I am outraged”she fired on her Twitter.

Luisa said that learned this after a conversation with the agency that manages its marketing. “Mynd, the company that takes care of my advertising and more than 350 influencers. Among them other singers. He informed me that he has been receiving messages from some brands. Insinuating and even taking down jobs with people who take a political stand”declared.

The singer highlighted the importance of having young people who take a political stand and expressed concern about the country’s future. “You want INFLUENCERS who influence what? Just buying your products? Because I believe in a real influence that improves our society and makes young people think”, highlighted.

“I don’t want to live in a dumb country with young people who can only post dances. Make beautiful photos on social media. And only that being according to what brands want. INFLUENCER has become a profession. This is no longer discussed. These young people (not only young people, but the majority, at least) do indeed have a BIG INFLUENCE on the LIFE and THOUGHT of millions of people. If we can’t use that strength for something else, what’s the point?he reflected.

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