man who beat prosecutor is arrested in psychiatric hospital

Sao Paulo – The Civil Police arrested, on the morning of this Thursday (23/6), prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo, 34, at the Santa Monica psychiatric hospital, in the capital of São Paulo.

The man, who brutally beat his boss, the Attorney General of Registro (SP), Gabriela Samadello Monteiro de Barros, appears calm in the images recorded by police officers and does not seem to have shown resistance.

Watch the video of the arrest:

The Civil Police requested the preventive detention of the civil servant this Wednesday (22/6). Shortly afterwards, in the afternoon of this Wednesday, the Justice decreed the preventive detention.

When issuing the arrest warrant for the aggressor, the judge of the 1st Criminal Registry Court justified: “none of the alternative measures proves to be relevant”.

Police information is that Demetrius had been admitted to the psychiatric clinic after the attacks on the prosecutor.


Relationship problems with women

“He has been having serious relationship problems with women in the work environment, and, in freedom, he exposes their lives to danger, and consequently, public order”, said the delegate responsible for the case in the order that asked for the arrest.

The police investigation launched to investigate heard the victim of the aggression and gathered photos and videos of the aggression.

Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo held the position of municipal attorney and attacked the attorney general, on Monday (20/6), inside the City Hall of Registro. Part of the attack, which involved punches and elbows, was filmed by a co-worker.

See the video:

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